The Professional Putters Association


“Founded with the purpose of finding the world’s greatest putter, to promote Putt-Putt Golf Courses of America and its franchised locations.” – circa 1959 Don Clayton, Founder of Putt-Putt Golf Courses and The Professional Putters Association.

$25,000 Match Play Invitational

Information about the 2017 Match Play Invitational in Augusta, GA, including current automatic qualifiers and current points, is available at: 2017 Match Play Invitational.

2017 PPA Virginia Putting Tour Letter

The Virginia Putting Tour letter is available at: 2017 Virginia Tour letter.  Tour finals will be held in Roanoke, VA on August 27.  Payouts for the Virginia Tour are available here: 2017 Virginia Tour Payouts.

2017 PPA Southern Putting Tour Letter

The Southern Putting Tour letter is available here: 2017 SPT Tour Letter.  Tour finals will be in Hope Mills, NC on October 8.

2017 PPA National Tournament Dates and Sites Announced

North, south, east, and west are covered in the 2017 PPA National Tournaments.  Tournaments are spread from Fort Wayne, IN, to Augusta, GA, to Richmond, VA, to Memphis, TN.

We would like to say thank you to our generous sponsors for their continued support of the PPA. Putt-Putt franchise owners across the country who welcome PPA players with courses that are competition-ready, David McCollister of Southern Key Investments, the Putt-Putt Board of Directors and SafePark USA who have each made commitments to continue our search to find the World’s Greatest Putter. Their support allows the PPA to continue to conduct the high-level tournaments that we all enjoy.

Please be sure to support them the same way they support us.

Thanks to all of the putters that come out and play. Without your participation the PPA could not exist. We look forward to seeing you at the national, regional, and local PPA events this year.

The 2017 PPA National Tournament Schedule provides top-level competition over a wide geographical area. Additional information can be found on the 2017 PPA National Tournament Schedule page.