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Founded with the purpose of finding the world’s greatest putter, to promote Putt-Putt Golf Courses of America and its franchised locations.

– circa 1959 Don Clayton, Founder of Putt-Putt Golf Courses

PPA Season to Begin in Kingsport, TN

To our PPA/APA Membership:

To our PPA/APA Membership: The PPA Player Advisory Board is pleased to announce that the PPA season will begin June 6th in Kingsport, TN. Also, all remaining state and national events will be played as posted on At this time there are no plans to reschedule tournaments missed.

We are excited to begin our 61st season.

Although we anticipate no changes to the remaining schedule, it must be noted early in this announcement that our posted schedule remains fluid. We will use state guidelines as our basis for all future events. The health and safety of our players and families are our number one priority and we will error on the side of caution in future decisions.

This has been and will be a season like no other as we become more informed about COVID-19. Changes to play, rules and all parts of our events are being made with that information. “A wise man changes his mind often, a fool never. To change your mind is an indication that you have one” is a quote from Desmond Ford that I particularly like. As an example, we previously announced that masks would be required to be worn for player participation. That is no longer the case. We strongly encourage mask use but it no longer is required, unless mandated by local or state governments. Other guidelines announced currently remain in effect.

This Facebook page is the official page for the PPA announcements. We will attempt to post announcements on other pages and websites, but this page will have final official announcements first. Any posts by Advisory Board Members as it relates to state events will be made with their byline. Those include Geoff Mosk, Jerry Pinotti, Dom Perry, Gary Hinshaw, Thomas Rawles or Bill Kirby. Any posts made regarding national events will be made with the byline of Joe Aboid.

If you are planning on heading to Kingsport, we will have hotel information available soon. I have been told that rates will remain the same as last year and will post as soon as possible. Also, with the uncertainty of how many players will be playing in Kingsport, with the limits of space and time, the Advisory Board is considering a couple of options that MAY be needed to complete play on time. One is a split tee time on Saturday, with half the field teeing off in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. Also a cut may be needed. If a cut was to be put in place, the field would be cut based on the prize money breakdown and all players within 4 shots of last place money. A shotgun start may also be considered.

Thank you, our PPA/APA membership, for your understanding and commitment to the Professional Putters Association as we navigate these uncertain times.

Please, to all of you, be safe, be health smart, aware and vigilant. Wash your hands often!

On behalf of myself and our PPA National Players Advisory Board, we wish you and your family well. Hope to see you in Kingsport.

Joe Aboid

2020 PPA National Championship in Fernandina Beach, FL

The 61th annual PPA National Championship will be played the week of September 14, 2020 in Fernandina Beach, FL.

Fernandina Beach previously hosted the 2015 PPA National Championship and is a player and player family favorite facility. Joe Lea and then APA member Roby Fuller were champions of the 2015 event.

“Having started playing Putt-Putt in the mid 1970’s, I couldn’t be prouder for our Putt-Putt of Fernandina Beach to be hosting the 61st annual PPA National Championship in September." says Tom Miller, franchise owner of the historic franchise facility overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. "As many know, this original 36-hole Putt-Putt has remained in operation since opening in 1959 and is the only original development left at Main Beach. Fortunately, many positive changes have occurred and continue to occur around us, and we look forward to seeing everyone later this year.”

Special thanks to Tom for being host to this year’s tournaments. If any player needs assistance with room reservations Mr. Miller has offered his assistance. Also, if you are planning on enjoying the area prior to or after the event, special accommodations can be made thru Mr. Miller for a round on the regulation size golf course called Amelia River.

The week of the nationals will be as follows:
September 14 - 18, 2020

Monday TPC 4 rounds
Tuesday Doubles National Championship
Wednesday PPA Hall of Fame 4 rounds
Thursday First four rounds of the PPA National Championship
Senior National Championship (played in conjunction with first four National Championship rounds)
Friday Final four rounds of the PPA National Championship

PPA National Invitational in Kingsport, TN - June 2020

We are happy to announce the addition to the national schedule the PPA National Invitational tournament June 6 - 7, 2020 in Kingsport TN. With thanks to Dan and Marcia Estes, we asked for and received a warm YES to the playing of a national tournament in Kingsport for the third consecutive year. “We so much enjoy having the PPA in Kingsport for both state and national tournaments. It is an honor. We are always please to be considered and look forward to seeing our PPA friends in June” says Dan. Sid Davis and John Petrie, Pro and APA divisions, won their championships in 2019 in Kingsport.

“I would like to thank the 2020 PPA advisory board for suggesting this event in Kingsport and working thru the logistics to make this event a reality” says PPA Commissioner Joe Aboid. The advisory board members in 2020 are PPA members Geoff Mosk, Jerry Pinotti, Dom Perry, Bill Kirby, Gary Hinshaw and Thomas Rawles. If you have any questions about this year’s national schedule, any of these gentlemen will be able to assist.

2019 PPA National Championship in Kingsport, TN

The 60th annual PPA National Championship will be played the week of September 16-20, 2019 in Kingsport, TN.

The success of the 2018 TPC in Kingsport, the overwhelming positive reaction from those players who participated and the hospitality provided by facility owner Dan Estes and his staff are some of reasons members of the PPA committee selected Kingsport to host the 60th annual event. Rainey Statum will be on hand to defend his national championship title.

“There will be 5 days of events and celebrations as we celebrate this momentous occasion”, PPA Commissioner Joe Aboid said.

Estes looks forward to hosting this year’s event. “We loved having the TPC in Kingsport last year," Estes said. "We are glad that the players who played in 2018 had such a good time and enjoyed the course, and that we were selected to host the PPA’s most prestigious event. This is a tremendous honor, one we do not take lightly."

"We know how to host large events, having been host to many events in Kingsport that have more than 1,200 participants," Estes said. "We know the PPA players will enjoy our facility and enjoy the southern hospitality. I look forward to seeing the players again and welcoming them back”.

The week of the nationals will be as follows:
September 16-20, 2019

Tournament Players Championship
4 rounds
Pro $150 entry
APA $20 entry

Doubles National Championship
Pro $50 entry
APA $20 entry

Seniors National Championship
Wednesday and Thursday
Pro $50 entry
APA $20 entry

PPA National Championship
Wednesday thru Friday
12 rounds
Pro $300 entry
APA $50 entry

2018 PPA National Championship Week

Players from around the country converged on Webster, Texas for the 59th PPA National Championship week September 10-14, 2018.

Rainey Statum was crowned the 2018 PPA National Champion. Brice Bergesen is the Seniors National Champion. Wade Sahmel and Jeffrey Smith won the crown of Team National Champions. Joey Graybeal is the 2018 Western Open winner.

John Petrie is the 2018 APA National Champion. Alan Sahmel is the winner of the APA Seniors National Championship. Trevor Lewin and Steve Yancey were crowned Team National Champions in APA. Jason Sheffield is the 2018 APA Western Open winner.

Full results are available on 2018 PPA National Championship.

The Sahmels Three National Championships

During the National Championship week in Webster, KTRK-TV of Houston, TX did a nice video and story about Alan, Adam, and Wade. Video below with the full story available at: